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"Heya, the name's Vi, the Piltover Enforcer. I fuck people up with my metal fists and make sure they like it. S' not like they had a choice."

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sorceress-lulu asked: ♤ : Cooking headcanon
⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon
☻ : Mood headcanon
✚ : health headcanon
✿ : happiness headcanon
✖ : anger headcanon { Enjoy~! }


♤ : Cooking headcanon

(( Vi’s a pretty good cook to be honest. I take it she learnt how to actually handle fire and learnt her culinary skills from being on the streets. Who would cook for you if you don’t? She also does have an interest for food, I guess. She eats pretty much anything, from Ionian food to Demacian food. Anything. That’s why I reblog photos of food sometimes and they happen to be pretty multi-cultural.))

⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon

(( Vi’s actually rather creative? I would say? She’s probably someone who has a lot of ideas but then again, some of them might be dumb. Her hobbies would be to invent things because she’s been working on her gauntlets since she was young and there has been 3 different versions of it before she joined Caitlyn. I guess you could say she’s like the female Tony stark but not so much with the arrogance and stuff.

Another hobby would definitely be…listening to music. I figured she’d be a music person, to be honest. Her favourite band being Pentakill and her favourite genre would be rock. But she’s open to all kinds of genres if it sounds nice and the lyrics mean something. She would be jamming and hold a comb to pretend she’s a singer but she also likes listening to some peaceful songs. So it all depends!


She does draw, due to the fact that she does have to sketch out the things that she’s inventing. Like her new gauntlets and stuff, she does have to draw the front side and back view of it. But certain times, she does draw for herself.

She likes to stare out of the window when it rains too.


Work in progress supplement site


// Hey guys

I really like giving back to community, so I started a supplement site for everyone to utilise. It’s basically a tool to fill in the gaps that the community doesn’t have, or puts it in one nice portal site.


Gotta base a supplement site on my favourite support and waifu.

Anyway, it’s basically a directory and resource site, with the added chat and world building discussion, and I’ll be setting up an oekaki program as well after I finish my commissions and cosplay work.

It also has a section for a blog feature rotator which will changed every week and a spot for people to advertise community games/drawing sessions/streams etc.

Please note that most of the site is still a work in progress and the email isn’t working yet (so no point trying to use it). It’s the index page now really, at the moment.

I hope everyone will be able to get some use out of the site, and if you’d like to help or contribute in any way, feel free to contact me or reblog this expressing interest.


Daily Champion Portrait Sketch #1- Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover.

I was thinking of my Caitlyn : ask-lawfulcupcake as I drew this sketch out. I hope to continue improving! I’m apparently rather slow with my sketches so I end up taking long because I still have to colour it. I’ll probably continue to do this everyday I hope.

I hope you like it dear!

Caitlyn belongs to Riot Games Inc.

Approximate time taken: 1hr+.

ask-thepiltoverenforcer asked: ✍


Send me ‘✍’ and I will draw your muse horribly on MSPaint.



(( -tackles- ;w;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Omg I LOVE THIS SO MUCH <333 THANK YOU!!! ;w;!))




"☾ : Sleep headcanon
☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon
☼ : Childhood headcanon
☯ : Genderbent headcanon
⋆ : Sex headcanon
☮ : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
☄ : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on)
♤ : Cooking headcanon
⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon
☻ : Mood headcanon
✚ : health headcanon
✿ : happiness headcanon
✖ : anger headcanon
♆ : body headcanon
ϡ : mental state headcanon
ღ : love or sexuality headcanon
♡ : relationship with (give name or url)
† : religion headcanon
✄ : pet peeve headcanon
☂ : food headcanon
♒ : Any other question of your choosing"

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