Tired of gettin' wrecked yet?

"Heya, the name's Vi, the Piltover Enforcer. I fuck people up with my metal fists and make sure they like it. S' not like they had a choice."

( Independent Vi RP blog from League Of Legends)

Current M!A: Sailor Vi!!! (1 week and still going)

My art blog!

(( Hello everyone, I’m sorry for being so quiet on tumblr <3 I was busy with this and League ,  guess I’ll show you progress before I stop for the night LOL <3))

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    ((;-; I don’t want Noccy to be a Poro yet I want him in this picture… -sobs-))
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    ((…Yeah, I got 3 M!A’s already for that, working on the pics now for it so…theres a Lulu poro…))
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    ((Quick! Someone turn Lulu into a Poro! Actually, maybe not. I might die of cuteness…))
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    (( Indeed. Come on Yorick is not the only one having a hat :< :( Sorry ))
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    ((This is actually the best thing ever.
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    (You make Mic cute. Thanks for adding him.)
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